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Charlotte's home since 2007 for Lindy Hop, 
East Coast Swing, and other Swing-Era Dances

Covid-19 Notice:

All Gottaswing Charlotte events and activities are canceled for March, April, and May 2020. Please subscribe to our free email newsletter for the latest updates. Thank you, and we hope to dance with you soon! 

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About Us

At Gottaswing Charlotte, we pride ourselves on fostering a fun environment where everyone is welcome. Whether you’re an experienced dancer or have never been on the hardwood before, we have something for you. We are a licensee of the largest swing-only dance instruction and promotion company in America, Gottaswing.com, with over 4,000 students annually. No previous dance experience is required, and we actively welcome all ages at all of our events.



Swing dancing is a fun, social activity where you meet great people and stay in shape, all at the same time!  (Plus, it’s way more fun than running on a treadmill at a gym.) And no dedicated partner is required! In keeping with the roots of this being a social dance, everyone can dance with everyone.



We offer group and private instruction in the swing dances of the 1930s and 1940s, including Lindy Hop, Charleston, East Coast Swing, and Balboa.  We also host at least two social dances every month.



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GottaSwing Charlotte is committed to ensuring that all of our attendees have a good time, and an evening free from harassment of any kind. To read our Code of Conduct, click here.


Participation in a Gottaswing Charlotte event signifies acceptance of our liability policies, as posted at our events and viewable here.








We host two recurring social dances every month at our home venue, Belk Hall, on the campus of Caldwell Memorial Presbyterian Church. Doors open for each dance at 7 pm, and admission to either dance includes a free "Introduction to Swing Dancing" lesson from 7:30-8:30 pm.

Address: 1600 Park Drive Charlotte NC 28204 

The 1st Friday of Every Month is Our "Five Buck Friday." 


These fun and casual dances are just $5, and feature music from both local and regional DJs who specialize in playing the toe- tappingest swing songs around! 

The 3rd Friday of Every Month We Bring In Live Swing Bands


Admission to these dances is $10, and the energy and excitement of these dances can't be beat. Sign up for our free email newsletter to find out which bands are playing.

Special Presentation about Stuff Smith

on Feb 7, 2020 with Dr. Tom Hanchett

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 3.41.45 PM.png

Stuff Smith and Swing Jazz at JCSU — Internationally renowned jazz violinist Stuff Smith got his start with a scholarship to Charlotte’s Johnson C. Smith University in the 1920s. Dr. Tom Hanchett, historian in residence with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, shares new research on the swing-era music scene here — including connections to Fats Waller, Dizzy Gillespie, Nat King Cole and more.

Gottaswing Charlotte is proud to host this free presentation on February 7, 2020 from 7:30-8 in Belk Hall. Then stick around for our "Introduction to Swing Dancing" lesson at 8 and social dancing at 8:45.



We offer two levels of weekly swing dance classes every month. Each series consists of four one-hour classes on Tuesday evenings at Belk Hall, and costs $40. Class topics and instructors rotate each month, so check back as we update class titles. 

Our "Zero to Hero" Beginner Level Classes are designed to take students with little-to-no dance experience and introduce them to the basic step and a couple of different moves they can do in each dance style. Students do not need to sign up with a dance partner.




January 7-28, 2020: "Six Count Swing Level 1" 7 pm with Deena and Brad. 


February 4-25, 2020: "Charleston Level 1" 7 pm with Brad and Deena. 


March 10-31, 2020: "Six Count Swing Level 1" 7 pm with James an Marissa. Sign up HERE.

Our Intermediate Level Classes are for students who want to delve deeper into the dance. These classes not only go over more complex moves for each dance style, but also get into more advanced concepts of technique. Students are expected to have taken 8 weeks of our Beginner Level classes or already be comfortable incorporating the swingout, lindy circle, and partnered Charleston into their social dancing.




January 7-28, 2020: "Lindy Hop Level 2" 8 pm with Brad and James. 


February 4-25, 2020: "Lindy Hop Level 1" 8 pm with Marissa and James. No dance experience needed.


March 10-31, 2020: "Balboa Level 1" 8 pm with Lawrence and Deena. No dance experience needed. Sign up HERE.


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